Category One

Energy Efficiency in Local Communities

Sponsor: British Gas

Winner: Solihull Community Housing

Solihull’s high rise buildings have been a familiar landmark in the north of the borough since the 1960s.  They were though starting to show their age with outdated heating systems and inadequate levels of insulation.  Through this innovative scheme thirty high rise buildings with 1,000 + homes are now warner and more energy efficient.  The project combines 12 biomass district heating systems, external wall insulation, double glazing and ‘smart’ metering technology.

Runner-Up: Energy Agency

This scheme, covering three local authority areas in Scotland, aimed to improve the energy efficiency of older hard to heat properties in mostly rural areas.  Working closely with each council partner the schemes targeted the most fuel-poor areas in a street by street process to insulate every household with external wall insulation and loft insulation if required at no cost to the householder.  In some instances heating systems and upgrades were also installed.  The judges noted that the project helped many people who would have never afforded these measurers without the assistance of the scheme.