43rd Prestigious Annual Awards Application Form

If guidance is required in completing this form, please contact a member of the NHIC team on 0333 022 0387 or by emailing marketing@nhic.org.uk

Completed entry forms are to be received no later than Friday October 13th 2017 and can be submitted online at www.nhic.org.uk/awards or by email to marketing@nhic.org.uk

Section 1: Contact Details

Excellence in roofing through leadership and people development, Sponsored by NFRCDelivering community benefit through home improvement, Sponsored by Quality AssuranceBest use of aluminum systems for windows, doors and facades, Sponsored by Schueco UKInnovation and education to reduce fuel poverty, Sponsored by the NHIC Educational Trust
George Plucknett Award for excellence

Applicants Contact Details:

Client's Contact Detials:

Section 2: Project Overview

Please provide a list of the names of any additional files, which are being submitted along with your entry.

Your entry submission should include high-resolution logo’s, images, videos and/or fly through which highlight the attributes of your submission.

Should your submission be successful, these files will be used as content for publishing in the NHIC’s consumer focused industry-led magazine Progress and also as a short introduction to your submission at the Awards' luncheon.

Section 3: Submission


Describe your submission, bearing in mind the category you have entered.

Why is it special? How does it engage with issues facing the industry?

Include here aspects of strategic thinking and vision behind the submission

Word limit: 500
Entry form must include all material required, appendices will not be reviewed by judges.

Raising Awareness:

Describe how you have involved others such as staff, partner organisations, customers and other stakeholders in your work.
Include communication strategies, examples of engagement and where you have stimulated public awareness.

Word limit: 100

Improving Quality and Safety:

Describe and provide evidence to support how a commitment to health and safety has underpinned your submission in terms of a process, project or the culture of your team or organisation.

Word limit: 100


Describe and provide evidence to demonstrate how your submission delivers sustainable outcomes.

This should consider the 3 pillars of sustainability: economic considerations, social outcomes and environmental impacts.
Word limit: 100

Innovation or Education:

What innovative or educational practices are demonstrated in your submission?
It may highlight innovative or educational solutions or overcoming problems within a project or process.
Word limit: 100


Provide evidence to back up the submission.
This could be in the form of KPIs and other objective measurement data.
Word limit: 100

Continuous Improvement:

Has your work led to processes that could be used elsewhere to support continuous improvement?

Have best practice and lessons learned been identified and shared and if so how?
Word limit: 100


How has the work in your submission impacted on your team, organisation, the industry and the wider community?
You should also describe any cultural changes that have been initiated following your work
Word limit: 100


If you have any issues using the above form, please download a copy and return it to marketing@nhic.org.uk

The 43rd NHIC Annual Awards Luncheon will be held on Thursday 16th November 2017 at One Whitehall Place, London. You are invited to take a table at the Awards event so you are present should your entry be successful. Information regarding attendance and booking can be found at www.nhic.org.uk/awards

Should your entry be successful information contained in this submission will be used to form the basis of an editorial feature in the winter edition of the NHIC’s consumer focused magazine ‘Progress’.  Please ensure all information is correct at the time of writing and that the necessary permissions’ are in place regarding the use of supporting images and project / client details.

Please ensure all images supplied to support your entry are of print quality including .eps files of all logos that should appear on the award if successful.

The NHIC would like to thank you for submitting your entry and for your time and consideration when completing this form.