Learning skills and embracing all manner of new concepts and ideas has never been easier and, potentially, as more straightforward as Dr Majid Al-Kader managing director of Skills2Learn explained to the very recent NHIC Members Forum. The extent of the company’s repertoire in training and e-learning really is quite stunning, so it was a great shame that more NHIC Members could not be present to see and listen to Majid’s words of wisdom.

As he points out in his highly illuminating literature, gone are the days when learning was confined to reading books and attending lectures. As he explains, the world today is full of visual images and stimulating concepts and the mind is constantly absorbing.

Where e-learning is concerned, Majid says it provides one of the fastest learning curves available to today’s business and education sectors. The use of computer-based learning, combining graphics, images and text, challengers the mind and create memorable scenarios, more easily recalled in the work situation.

Amongst many varied programmes, Skill2Learn’s revolutionary e-learning material embraces renewable, electric, gas and plumbing and the broader aspects of construction.

Majid’s presentation made it clear to appreciate that Skills2Learn is possibly the UK’s premier developed of award winning, virtual-reality, fully interactive e-learning programmes. And his very impressive, illustrated talk to the NHIC proved this without doubt.

Indeed, Majid’s words and virtual-reality images made a major impact on the NHIC audience as one of the guests – Mike Gleeson, managing director of Archangel Communications – underlined.

He said: “My thanks for another great session today. I met two people who had not been before and I had to tell them that your lunchtime sessions are really excellent (they really didn’t need me to tell them that, I’m sure they could see that for themselves).

“Every time I come I learn something useful, new and interesting. The talks are always topical, inspiring and challenging – and they provoke good debate and further discussion.”

Mike very kindly concludes: “ What yourself and your colleagues do is particularly praiseworthy because you are so hospitable and so good at bringing such a variety of people together. There are few organisations that can do this as well. Your NHIC lunchtime sessions present a special opportunity to exchange ideas, make business friends and network in a very friendly atmosphere.”

Please use this link to Majid’s presentation. Login details to access (available till 31 December 2011) Skills2Learn’s current vocational programmes as follows:

Photo: Dr Majid at the NHIC Members Forum