Educational Trust’s close watch on fuel poverty

The NHIC has an important Educational Trust. Established as a charitable foundation in 1980 to compliment the broad aims of the NHIC, it was found that many organisations were more comfortable talking to a charity rather than to an organisation such as the NHIC.

The Trust’s altruistic aim is to educate the general public, politicians, local authorities, housing associations and others in the importance of  modernising and improving in order to maintain the housing stock, enhance the quality of peoples’ life and to assist in reducing fuel poverty.

One of the Trust’s biggest achievements was to undertake a major Neighbourhood Revitalisation Project. The pilot scheme funded projects in four towns using money from the Trust and with the support of the Halifax Building Society, which underwrote it. NHIC members all contributed to improving the properties.

Indeed, his successful venture helped to ‘kick-start’ five years of raising the standards in 3,500 houses in 28 towns.

The Trust’s principal objectives include the support of sustainable home improvement, maintenance and repair in both the public and private sectors through the encouragement of a greater awareness of the social and economic benefits.

In a nutshell, the Trust looks for housing improvement schemes to promote and pursue and endeavours to raise money for this purpose. In addition it supports studies and researches into renovating the nation’s existing housing stock.